Gas safety for landlords, property letting and management agencies

    All Landlords have a common law duty to ensure that gas installations and appliances supplied with their properties are safe. Tenants also have certain legal obligations when it comes to gas safety.

    In the case of residential properties, landlords (or their agents) have a statutory duty to arrange annual Gas Safety Checks by a registered Gas Safe installer. A copy of the Gas Safe safety certificate must be given to the tenant on entry and within 28 days of the annual check. The landlord must also retain a copy for two years.

    We carry out safety checks, issue certificates and can also provide property reports for landlords, buyers and sellers.

    With commercial properties, the lease should determine who has responsibility for gas safety: tenant or landlord. If you as landlord (or agent) have supplied the equipment and taken on the service responsibility you should arrange for annual maintenance and a Gas Safe safety check.

    Advice for landlords

    Implement a system of annual checks and maintenance for all gas appliances and flues.

    Use only Gas Safe registered engineers for installations, maintenance and gas safety checks.

    Maintain safety check records, keeping copies for at least 2 years, and issuing copies to each tenant within 28 days.

    If you use a managing agent make sure the contract makes it clear who is responsible for managing gas safety checks.

    Make sure that appliances are safe and have been checked within 12 months before re-letting.

    On re-letting, remove any suspect appliances that may have been left by previous tenants and issue the new tenant/s with a copy of the safety check record on entry.

    Work closely with tenants in gaining access for maintenance, repairs, safety checks and the early reporting of faulty appliances.

    If you experience difficulties gaining access make sure you fully document this to show you have taken all reasonable steps – beware accusations of harassment.

    Ensure that all appliances meet the general regulation requirements, in particular in bedrooms and bathrooms where appliances must be of the room-sealed type.

    Do not use second hand gas appliances.

    Ensure that tenants have emergency instructions and ready access to the gas meter and the gas cut-off valve.

    Provide copies of all appliance manufacturers’ operating instructions to your tenants.